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Ep 43: Men who Abuse


Nov 23, 2021

Violence is everywhere. It's in cities and on the streets. It is brought to our homes through movies and video games. Most concerning is that it is happening at home in the form of domestic violence. Thankfully there are organizations like PAVE that help those who use violence against a family member, be it a spouse or child. Today, we have as our guests Saravanan Krishnan and Hewlett Chew who are social workers at PAVE and we will be discussing domestic violence and why men use violence. If you are experiencing verbal, emotional, or physical abuse, do not hesitate to reach out to one of the following: 1. PAVE 6555 0390 2. National Anti-Violence Hotline 1800-777 0000 3. Men's Helplink by Society Against Family Violence

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