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Ep 37: I don't want to live anymore


Oct 12, 2021

Our topic for today is a solemn and serious one. It is something that is affecting more and more people in Singapore. I am talking about suicide. In Singapore, Suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29. 452 lives were lost to suicide in 2020. And the fact that more than 70% of those who took their own lives are males make us want to talk about it on this podcast. Understandably, those who are thinking about killing themselves or have attempted suicide would not want to talk openly about it. But today, we are honoured to have a friend who thankfully lived to tell his story. Please welcome Jamal.

Hafiz and I have attended the training provided by Caring For Life for those who wish to be equipped to support early suicide ideation identification and care. Go to to find out more and sign up for the course.

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