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Ep 26: Who Should Care ?


Jul 14, 2021

Who should care?🤔

Caring about others is a heroic act by itself.

As we (children) are busy growing up, we tend to forget that our parents are growing old at the same time. And the most precious things we can give to our elders are time, love, and care.

@wearedadstoo knows that caregiving for our elders has never been a walk in the park.

With the empowering culture of care involving every level of society from the school, youths, employers, neighbours, doctors and nurses to the friendly aging policy changes in the government.

We can have compassion, empathy, and a culture of care as a reality.

Listen to this episode featuring Dr. Chan Yeow if you are curious to know who should be responsible for taking care of the elderly at Spotify @wearedadstoo!

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