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Parenting Skills

Ep 25: Values in Action


Jul 7, 2021

Son: Dad, I’m going to make a cup of coffee to stay awake for final EURO 2020, would you like to have a cup? I can make it for you. Dad: Oh dear, it sounds tempting, but I’m good. Thank you for asking. Son: Welcome! The above conversation might sound normal with the son being considerate and caring. But, to have these values inculcated actually takes a lot of practice in a family household. There are a lot of family values, but what we can do is to choose and pick those values that we can put into action on a daily basis. The more the values are being practiced, the more it becomes second nature to the family.

Come and join us @wearedadstoo Spotify if you are curious to know about the three pillars of family culture and how family values can be translated into action.

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