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Father Involvement

Ep 13: Dads In Progress


Apr 14, 2021

Fathers, small progress is still PROGRESS. Celebrate your small wins! Fathers, like mothers, are also considered part of the backbone in the development of a child's emotional well-being. Did you know that fathers may experience postpartum depression as well? This is called paternal postpartum depression. In our society, males are depicted as the pillar of the family but what people don't see is their vulnerabilities. In this episode, WADT touches, among others, on how to cope with being a first time father and signs of paternal postpartum depression. This may be something you can relate with! So let's chill with WADT in our episode "Dads in Progress" to understand more about the journey of fatherhood. Share, comment and follow @wearedadstoo on all our social media platform!

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