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Join its hosts, Hafiz and Parcsen, in fun and frank conversations about being a father and its challenges. Get tips to connect better with your family.

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Ep 69: Transformed-Firdaus & Suresh


Everyone has some aspect of their personality or character that they would like to make changes to. Some of them are easier than others. The hard ones require persistence and courage. Throughout this series, you will hear very real and personal stories of adversity, courage and victory told by those who lived these experiences.

With us today to share their stories are Firdaus and Suresh.


Ep 68: Dealing With Mean Kids

Hot Potatoes

In an earlier episode we talked about helping our kids choose their friends. Most of our kids friends are good, but they might encounter those that are not so good. They are the mean kids. If your kid is being bullied by a mean kid, would you know what to do? This will be the subject of our discussion today.


Ep 67: Getting Kids To Obey

Hot Potatoes

The perfect child, if there is such a thing, in most parents’ minds is a well-behaved and obedient one who also does well in school. Driven by this vision, parents have resorted to a number of methods to have perfect children. In this episode of WADT, the co-hosts will be discussing the right and wrong ways of getting children to obey.


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“The most important role a man can play is that of becoming a father. Fatherhood is a man’s link with the future.”

Lewis Yablonsky, Fathers and Sons

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